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PitPit - Small. Blue. Mighty!
The blue sky is closer than you think now.

Small sparrow, big possibilities.
Small, light, but extremely powerful.

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Nyala - NA Engineering s.r.o.
Wings of innovation for a new era of flying!

Fly with Nyala into a new dimension of aviation.
Combining innovative design, reliability and safety for a revolutionary experience in the air!

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CargoPit - NA Engineering s.r.o.
Rotor technology

Container/cargo unmanned helicopter

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... usually the usual things happen. Less often, unusual things happen, and quite rarely, extraordinary things happen...  We usually do extraordinary things.

... usually the usual things happen. Less often, unusual things happen, and quite rarely, extraordinary things happen... We usually do extraordinary things.


Creativity in rotor technology, precision in 3D design

Welcome to NA ENGINEERING s.r.o. - a specialist in rotor technology, 3D CAD design, CFD analysis and 3D printing. We are a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to providing complete solutions for industrial and engineering needs. With years of experience and professional know-how, we strive to bring cutting-edge services and technological innovations to our customers.

In the field of rotor technology, we are a leader in the design and development of rotating systems for a wide range of industries. Our engineering creativity and precision in rotor design enable us to deliver products that excel in efficiency and reliability.

Utilizing the latest technologies in 3D CAD design, simulation, strength and CFD analysis, we bring innovative and optimized solutions to our clients. Our team of engineers and designers work with passion and expertise to create detailed projects that meet the highest standards.

As part of our portfolio, we also offer 3D printing services that revolutionize the prototyping process and functionality. With state-of-the-art printers and a wide range of materials, we are able to create complex geometries and precise models to suit your individual needs.

At NA ENGINEERING s.r.o. we combine tradition with modern engineering and are constantly looking for new ways to innovate. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the evolution of technology and bring our clients cutting-edge and competitive services. Be part of the future of industrial design and development with us.

Memories of the future

In the 1950s and 1960s, the development of rotorcraft technology took other directions, and helicopter derivatives often took a different form than the world is usually used to today. Few people, even insiders, realise today that it was rotorcraft with jet rotor propulsion that first exceeded 300 km/h, and that this category was at one time the absolute top performer. It comes as a surprise to many that several hundred of these machines in various weight categories were produced and operated.


Rotor leaves

Today's NAE rotor blades for helicopters are the result of aerodynamic, technological and material developments started in 1993. Through gradual development, numerous fatigue, ground and flight tests and massive use of CFD analysis and simulation, completely non-standard, very high performance parameters have been achieved. In comparative tests on identical helicopters, the NAE blades show a thrust increase of over 24% at identical power input, with a simultaneous noise reduction of 4-6 dB.

From idea to reality

Our helicopters!

"NA ENGINEERING S.R.O. introduces a new generation of helicopters that transcends the established boundaries of aviation through revolutionary design and innovative technology. These helicopters offer safety, reliability and efficiency in the air, pushing the standards in the aviation industry."


A symbol of elegance and practicality in the world of aviation. Minimalist design and lightness bring the freedom of flying to everyday life.


Revolutionary design and technology solutions offer not only unmatched performance in the air, but also a new standard of reliability and comfort for pilots.


A highly functional, versatile air cargo vehicle that allows containers and shipments to be transported where conventional means of transport cannot reach.

3D CAD design

A versatile tool for designing parts and assemblies

CAD, computer-aided design, or more generally computer-aided drafting.
What is "2/3D CAD" ?
It is a large area of IT that covers the broad activity of designing parts and assemblies. Collectively, it is the use of advanced graphical programs for 2D (planar) but especially 3D (volumetric) design, strength calculations, simulation analysis of real world processes. A competent designer/engineer/designer can verify the strength properties of the design of individual parts and their assemblies, the functioning of their kinematics, but at the same time can also be a sculptor materializing the ideas and wishes of the customer.
3D CAD at NA Engineering s.r.o.
At NA Engineering s.r.o., the highest categories and versions of these systems are used in full synergy from the structural design, through the creation of volume models, verification of their kinematics, strength and stiffness, to the processing of production documents.
We convert the designs created for customers into photorealistic visualizations, or print them in 3D, or manufacture some high-tech parts, such as composite parts, on our own highly specialized equipment and technologies.
Our experience
The real-world experience of the company's managing director - chief designer - with 3D systems dates back to 1993, to the early days of the industrial deployment of CATIA, then still at mainframe-supported levels, when he had the opportunity to work on several projects in Toulouse, France.
In the following 30 years, up to the present day, his own and customer 3D CAD projects have been followed up and continued, repeatedly for major Czech and international companies in the fields of general engineering, automotive and aerospace.
What do we offer?
We will professionally translate your dreams, ideas and wishes into a 3D project enabling their subsequent production or, for example, presentation use to verify market interest. Before the custom part is manufactured, we will verify its strength, recommend design, technological or material changes.

CFD analysis, calculations

Explore streams of possibilities and achieve optimal performance!

CFD, or Computational Fluid Dynamics, is the discipline of scientific computational modeling that deals with the analysis and simulation of fluid and gas flows. Using mathematical models and numerical methods, CFD allows you to predict the behaviour of fluids and gases in different environments and under different conditions. This technology is used in a wide range of applications, including aerodynamics (e.g. aircraft and automobile design), hydrodynamics (e.g. ship and underwater vehicle design), industrial processes, life sciences (e.g. blood flow in blood vessels), energy and many other fields. CFD analysis enables engineers and researchers to better understand and optimize the behavior of fluids and gases in complex environments, leading to improved performance, efficiency and safety in many industries.
We can offer a wide range of CFD analyses that not only improve project performance and efficiency, but also deliver innovative solutions for our customers. CFD analysis challenges us to explore new possibilities and approaches. We offer them both on their own and as a superstructure to our 3D CAD projects, allowing us to provide a comprehensive service and adapt to each client's individual needs.


3D Printing

The simple way to complex designs

We print common consumer and functional design parts with temperature resistance up to 170 °C, with dimensions up to 400 x 400 x 400 mm. Printing takes place in a closed volume with constant controlled temperature throughout the work area. We process a complete chain of activities from the processing of the customer's conceptual design, the creation of a 3D model of the part including its rendering and virtual presentation. We can have the part so designed fluidized in CFD analysis according to the customer's requirements, and achieve the optimal shape before the final 3D printing. In the same way, the internal flow in, for example, the bloodstream can be verified and then a transparent model can be printed.

We process designs for replacements of standard parts, with parts printed in numbers according to the customer's needs.

We can first design the required product according to your requirements in volume and thus "see" it before printing. We will help you with the selection of suitable printing material.

Artwork can also be printed. If necessary, these can consist of several parts and thus significantly exceed the dimensions of the print space. We will check the availability of the source data for a particular work according to your specific requirements.

Consumer products

Revolutionary purity, thanks to KarbonEx and ChewEx

Our own technological and material development, especially in the field of composite production, also includes the field of applied chemistry. As a result, secondary products have been developed that are surprisingly fast in their effectiveness in everyday use.

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